Monday, August 10, 2009

Sunday with Mental ray and Subsurface scattering

Usually it makes me shudder when I have to go through this stage of sculpting BUT for once it went well. I think I actually have a pretty good pipeline sorted out for doing these renders. When I did the chinese fishmonger my render times where over 15 minutes per frame, stupid. I needed this to change so after a few tweaks I have got the render time (for a 720p HD frame) down to about 1min 50seconds. Now rendering is no longer frustrating.

Anyway this is the middle-aged man with some extremely quick polypainting applied. The whole thing took about a day to texture in the end. The texture used are in no way finished yet but they include:- diffuse, epidermal, subdermal, back scatter and front facing spec.

The bust was then decimated in Zbrush to 400k and imported into maya.

I then rendered it using final gather.

So far I was so pleased with the results I thought I would show you guys on the blog.

I really hope you think the results are as good I think they are. Chinese fishmonger took months to create this took about 3 days so the pipeline is far more efficent.

Any questions please feel free to ask.


  1. This really looks good. Keep on updating!
    Maybe you can comment on what you discovered in using the SSS shader.

  2. Hey Keridan, thanks very much for the comment. I am glad you are interested.

    I was just wondering what you mean by 'discovered'?

    Do you want me to post my SSS settings?

    Let me know specifically what you would like to know and I will post the information.

  3. Hi Scott, thank you as always for sharing your awesome sculpts. This post really resonates with me as I'm currently in the "3+ months per project" phase... I'm self taught, and have many holes in my knowledge of CG, especially when it comes to rendering and texturing. Might you have any recommended reading, or anecdotes perhaps on what you found most impacting on streamlining your workflow? Thanks again!

  4. hi scott,

    i must say, this is one of the best CG pieces i have seen. Really liked the overall look and feel,

    can u please share your sss shader settings..

    Reenu kamal



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