Tuesday, June 16, 2009

That naked lady is back.

After listening to many fine comments from people around the net I decided to revisit the base mesh I thought was finished. She really wasn't finished enough.
So may I present her again NOW WITH POLYPAINTING. So textured and with eyes and teeth she is almost ready to go. Oh appart from her seeweed hair which will not stay and was just a test.

One of the things I am really happy about in this piece is the ZB shader I have used. It is a tweaked basic material that I have used for her skin. No Matcap. This way I can still control the light direction in the final renders.

Anyway I am sure I will keep tweaking her but another project has come up that I need to put some time into.

Keep you eyes open for an update. I am off to the Hurricane Festival for a few days this week, need some R and R, so no more udates this week I am affraid.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Nightwatch Man 3D

I was going through my old stuff last night and I came across the piece I worked up from concept.

I opened up the old Zbrush 2.5 version and started to work on it and you know what. It was FUN. It seems doing creatures is just so liberating. I love doing my anatomy studies but when you start doing a piece like this it just seems to flow so easily.

I think doing this kind of work should be on everyones agenda once in a while just to let the mind be free.

I love Carlos Haunte and his style is what motivates me but he has a very solid background in anatomical correctness. It is great to learn from a master like this and he has helped inspire this creation. So I hope you all like it. It is very much W.I.P so don't be to harsh.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Return of the Crab

An old piece I thought I would return to. I have a really good idea for a big scene involving this Coconut Crab.

Btw going through the reference material for this piece was brilliant. THESE THINGS ARE HUUUGGGE

Hope you like it


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