Sunday, May 31, 2009

Naked Lady

Ok so today the task was to get my base mesh into Maya and render it. Now usually this is a very painful process HOWEVER this week things have vastly improved. So this mesh in Zbrush is about 1.9 million polygons, to much for Maya BUT pixalogic released Decimation Master this week and now the sun is shining.

No more displacement maps HURRAH simply run this neat poly crunching program and hey presto a nice easy to manage 200k mesh.

I have also added an occulsion map to help out the SSS Shader.

Great results all hail the Decimation plug in from those wonderful people at Zbrush HQ.

Testing out my new female base mesh.

I have finally finished my female base mesh. I thought I would spend the day doing a quick test pose.

Very pleased with the results so far. Not bad for a days work.

Hope you like it

Friday, May 29, 2009

Competition Time

Yes for the first time in my life I have entered my 'art' into a competition.

The competition is a Speed Sculpting one. I have included a worksheet to show the process I
used to achieve the final image. I used Zbrush of course.

The Rules:-
We were given 8 hours to produce a dragon.
No post process work
No textures
No rendering

Just lots of fun.

Here is my entry to the competition. Wish me luck

I have arrived!!!

I have finally stumbled into the world of the Blog. I guess this will help people keep up to date
with my artwork n stuff that I produce daily (well at least I will try).

So please give me a shout if you have any questions or advice

Bye for now, whoever is out there

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