Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Tooth Fairy part 2

The idea was to NOT copy the film version. As I said I prefered the concepts to the film version. This was a 2 part exercise and here is part 2. The idea was to really contrast the 2 expressions one hard and angry and the other soft and almost child like. Anyway hope you enjoy these updates. Here is the second tooth fairy, and yes I know the wings are motion blured and there is no SSS on the wings. Its suppose to be an illustrative approch I just liked it as it was. I will do a second pass in Mental ray but I love these images for now BTW - This is just a Zbrush render with a photoshoped background.

Again here is the turntable for those who are interested

The Tooth Fairy

And here is the reason why I have been so quiet recently. This piece is my favourite so far and I really hope you like it.

I am a big fan of Del Toro's Films and more so of the art in those films.

This is a homage to the Tooth Fairy in Hellboy 2. Beautifully concepted (originally by the great Wayne Barlowe and Francisco Ruiz) I was eager to try reproducing it in Zbrush.

My piece incorporates both the concept artists ideas and is a departure from the cg model used in the film. The Tooth Fairy only shows for a few seconds which I felt was a shame. I wanted a more permanent version so I modelled it.

If you haven't seen the film then see it because it's brilliant for character/ creature ref.

Anyway please let me know what you all think.
Here is the turntable for those who are interested

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Its been a while and for that I am sorry

Ok I know I haven't posted for a while but all the work I have been doing recently is under NDA so it didn't leave much room for personal stuff. Still I have taken some time off in order to create new eye candy for my blog.

In my continuation of the age theme 'The Journey of ages'(working down from old to young) I have moved on to Young Man or young Teen. The idea was to produce a boy between the age of 11-15. Hers's the result. I really hope you like it and I don't get anymore question about why my sketches are always hairless :D

As always feel free to comment

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