Monday, July 27, 2009

Sunny Sunday afternoon sketch

This week I decided to go for the 'hero' look. Interesting thing about this piece, at least for me anyway, was how hard it was.

Scuplting an older persons face is actually easy, well easier. It seems the smoother the skin the harder the form is to nail. Generally with an older person the folds and wrinkles help the eye to follow the muscles and skull under the skin. Obviously the younger the person the tighter the skin the less mistakes you can make with the overall form. However I love a challenge so it was also alot of fun.

So next week I will try and focus on a younger face to continue my age study from middle aged to baby,

For now however here is my 20 something 'hero style' face. I really hope you all like this piece as it is one of my favourite sketches so far.

Till next week dont forget to leave a comment.

1 comment:

  1. Hello there! You are definitely right about the level of complexity between young and old face. Anyway your sculpt looking really good. Try to sculpt female head also . It is more complex than male face since it should be also beautiful=)

    Best of luck !
    I am following your blog)



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