Thursday, November 28, 2013

Top Ten Finalist on Zbrush Central

Zbrush Central gave us for this competition was to take a classic character from a preset list of horror films and place it in a modern day setting.

For example: Freddy Krueger as a hairdresser.

I have been involved with dance music for many years and I am a big fan of the horror genre.
So I choose the Boris Karloff’s Frankenstein from the 1931 version of Frankenstein.
I married this with the idea of him evolving to become a Deejay in a modern times

It turned out to be far more fun than I had originally imagined.

I need to set some rules for the piece:

1, What setup would frank have? A modern setup is a bit boring
   but reads better in the final piece.

2. Frank would have clearly been going for many years. Maybe use
   custom built equipment gathered from many different era’s
    up to present day.

3, He needs to be cool and not overly dynamic, let’s not forget he
   is made up of body parts. The scene will have to be dynamic.

4, The final piece MUST work as a 3D print as this is one of the

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