Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Nightwatch Man 3D

I was going through my old stuff last night and I came across the piece I worked up from concept.

I opened up the old Zbrush 2.5 version and started to work on it and you know what. It was FUN. It seems doing creatures is just so liberating. I love doing my anatomy studies but when you start doing a piece like this it just seems to flow so easily.

I think doing this kind of work should be on everyones agenda once in a while just to let the mind be free.

I love Carlos Haunte and his style is what motivates me but he has a very solid background in anatomical correctness. It is great to learn from a master like this and he has helped inspire this creation. So I hope you all like it. It is very much W.I.P so don't be to harsh.

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